The Use of Candles and Pagan Tradition

Nowadays, people couldn’t recognize the true teachings of the Bible from that of men’s tradition. There are numerous pagan traditions which people who claim to be Christians practice without knowing its real meaning. Their minds were blinded and they become stiff-necked just like the Israelites who disobeyed God’s laws and decrees. As a result, those who disobeyed God until the end were destroyed. This result is not only for the Israelites mentioned in the Bible. Everyone who continually disobeys God’s word will perish in the end.

One of the symbols used in pagan tradition is the candle, others use lamps. This can also be seen in different religions. According to the said religions, they believed that when a person is dead and they are about to bury him, they would bury the person together with the lamps that serve as his light when he goes to the next world.

Most religions use beeswax candles. During funerals, based on these religion’s tradition, they will light the candles and put it in the candle stand. They believe that those who joined the funeral and the lighting of the candles would have their souls surrender to God. Does this practice make any sense?  Do you think Jesus, our God, who came in the flesh about 2,000 years ago gave such teachings?

Everyone who wants to live in obedience to God’s teachings must wake up! We must not be deceived by the evil schemes of the devil who blinded the minds of the people. Every tradition being practiced in the churches nowadays that are not based on the Bible is falsehood!