The Cross as a Symbol of the Church

Most churches have the cross either on top of their church or inside their church. Do you think that the cross was used during the time of Jesus as a symbol of the church? All of the church’s practices or traditions must be based from the teachings of the Bible taught by Jesus and the apostles. So, whatever teachings that were not mentioned in the Bible is heresy. As the true followers of Christ, we must follow the teachings set by Jesus Himself.

Then, what about the cross? Did the early church use the cross as a symbol of the church? Actually, during the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages, the cross was used as an instrument to kill innocent people especially during the Inquisition.

Some Christians would reason out that they just use the cross as a symbol of the church. Also, the cross was used as an instrument to kill Jesus the Savior 2,000 years ago. How come people of today who claim to believe in God revere the cross? During the time of Jesus, the cross was an instrument to execute someone who committed a heinous crime. However, Jesus who is righteous and never committed a sin was crucified on the cross.

A big question arises. Why do Christians revere the cross when in fact it was used to crucify the most awaited Savior in the age of the Son? Actually, the cross originated during the time of Roman Emperor Constantine, a pagan. In other words, the cross is a pagan symbol and it has nothing to do for our salvation.