Understanding paganism in religion: Differentiating Wicca from Witchcraft

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Shedding some information about the Scientology religion

Scientology religion is not that much known to other nations because those who believe in them are only small in number but it has changed when a famous personality became a member. This particular religion […]

The explanation of four pagan gods of different religions with virgin births

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Looking at the established role of women in the five major religions in the world

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The explanation of different pagan traditions adapted by Christians

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Facts about Festivals and their Origin

In this world, there are various kinds of festivals being celebrated. Every nation celebrates their own festival. Every festival has its own origin. For example, Christmas is a pagan tradition originated from Rome. Countries all over […]

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The History Behind Christmas as a Pagan Custom

Nowadays, a lot of people celebrate Christmas every December 25 with the thought of just merry-making. People couldn’t recognize the difference between God’s teachings and that of human tradition. In the Bible, God has taught […]