The enumeration of 10 interesting beliefs of Jehovah witnesses

One of the noteworthy religion around the world because of its popularity in certain aspect is the Jehovah Witnesses. They are a religion who had existed when their founder established it. After its establishment, they had undergone many hardships when it comes to establishing their own set of belief. But thinking it another way, they did not have any hardship as whatever was decided, the members received it and follow it. Many people stayed in this religion hoping for the good but many have awakened and left the church.

The video you watched above explains some of the belief of the Jehovah Witnesses. One of the beliefs they had is that Jesus is Micheal the archangel himself who came to this earth as a man. He gained his godhead reputation when he was baptized and when he returned to heaven he again became the archangel and rule the universe. And they travel more to spread the news. Asking for this company will help you, see 台胞證照片. Another belief is that the chosen 144, 00 will go to heaven and the others would stay on this earth as the paradise.

They believe that they are the only ones who will be saved and they regard their bible as the only true one because it is the one that is translated in an accurate manner than any other transfusions. They are well known for their belief and practice of not receiving blood transfusion even if you will die in accordance to the bible as they claim. They also do not believe on how Jesus died as they made their own. To make the preaching more effective you can travel overseas. See info about this travel agency 台胞證 to help you. Check this site here.