Shedding some information about the Scientology religion

Scientology religion is not that much known to other nations because those who believe in them are only small in number but it has changed when a famous personality became a member. This particular religion existed many years ago when it was created and they have made their own doctrine. The name of the religion is quite misleading because the basis of their faith has no scientific evidence or relation to science as it is written in the infographic below. It is just like a science fiction.

If you will read the infographic you can read the timeline of what they believe as what really happened in the time or life of the people. Others who commented says that even a child can say that it sounds like a fiction story and its truthfulness has no backing. By the writing of a person, many came to believe it even if there is no proof of like this beauty service company linked 高雄 醫美. That is why there are very many critics of the religion and even lawsuits are filed.

You can also read the four myths in this kind of religion. Many people who see other religions despised it much and this religion is also the same. That is why you can read that one of the myth is that the religion can cure diseases that are proven to be not true. See this beautiful company for your breast augmentation service 隆乳. This religion also has no relation to Jesus as they do not believe in Him and respect Him as the one who came to give salvation.