Facts about Festivals and their Origin

In this world, there are various kinds of festivals being celebrated. Every nation celebrates their own festival. Every festival has its own origin. For example, Christmas is a pagan tradition originated from Rome. Countries all over the world celebrate different kinds of festivals every month. What about the month of May? Did you know that there is a festival or holiday in May which originated from the practices of pagans?

Let us have an in-depth¬†understanding of the festivals and their pagan origin. Countries such as Greece and Rome have many gods and goddesses. For example, in Rome, most of their gods and goddesses are named after the planets and other heavenly bodies like the sun. Did you know that the first day of May was known as “May Day”?

In other nations, May 1 is known as the “Labor Day”. In fact, this day is a national holiday or official holiday in more than 80 countries. In Rome, they celebrate a festival on this day (May 1). On this day, Roman citizens offer sacrifices to the goddess of Earth, honor, and reverence. This goddess is known as “Maia”. It was believed that she is the queen of flowers. That is why, every first day of May, the Romans celebrated a festival with abundant flowers that are in bloom.

Like this, there are many kinds of festivals that were deeply rooted from Rome. People may think that festival celebrations are kept as traditions handed down from their forefathers. This may sound normal to people. However, as the true children of God, we need to distinguish the correct teachings of God from the teachings of men.