The History Behind Christmas as a Pagan Custom

Nowadays, a lot of people celebrate Christmas every December 25 with the thought of just merry-making. People couldn’t recognize the difference between God’s teachings and that of human tradition. In the Bible, God has taught us many truths and commanded us to follow his teachings in order to be blessed by Him. However, people’s eyes were blocked that is why they could hardly distinguish God’s true teachings from falsehood. If we trace back the history, it is very surprising to know that the traditions were kept and celebrated nowadays were never kept during the time of Jesus.

As seen in the infographic above, it clearly mentioned that Christmas is a tradition being practiced nowadays which is a mixture of pagan customs, Christianity, and Roman religious roots. Also, pagans call Christmas as “Yule”. During Christmas season, people prepare many things such as gifts. They even practice different kinds of beliefs such as hanging stockings up.

Young children believe that when they hang stockings, Saint Nicholas or known as “Santa Claus” would visit them at night to grant their wish or to give them gifts. Actually, this is a foolish act because it is just one of the Christian legend.

Exchange of gifts is also being practiced during the Christmas season. Did you know? This practice began from ancient Rome. In Rome, they have a yearly festival known as “Saturnalia” wherein children were given gifts as a representation of sacrifice to Saturn whom they regard as their god.  In other words, Christmas, known as a Christian tradition is in fact, a pagan custom!