Paganism vs. Christianity

There are different religions nowadays. Many churches are also being established with different doctrines. Because of this, people are being confused about “what is truth and what is falsehood”. Actually, it is very easy to distinguish the truth from falsehood. In the Bible, everything that Jesus taught in the age of the Son contains the truth of life. So, any teaching which is different from that of Jesus are all lies.

If we are seeking for the way to be saved, then we must be wise enough to distinguish the truth from falsehood. What are the teachings of Jesus 2,000 years ago? Did he taught about cross-reverence? What about Christmas and Sunday Worship?

Tracing back through the human history and Christian history, such teachings being practiced in today’s churches are all men’s tradition. In other words, it is not based on the Bible. These are merely human rules that leads to death. Does it sound too harsh? It’s up to you to judge. The point is, if we truly want to be saved, then we must seek for the truth.

With regards to Paganism and Christianity, who do you think are the pagans and the true Christians? Pagans are also known as unbelievers while Christians are known as the followers of Christ. What are the traditions of pagans? There are many to mention about. But practices such as Sunday worship, Christmas, and cross-reverence came from pagan worships. It originated from different nations especially the ancient kingdoms that appeared in history.

Sunday worship came from the sun-worship of pagans in Media-Persia which is an ancient kingdom. Christmas originated from the festival celebrated in ancient Rome. While cross-reverence originated in ancient kingdoms like Babylon and Egypt.